Q When do i Apply ?

We accept applications from prospective clients all year round; main admission open in June –August.

Q Do you have a co-curricular programme ?

Teeny Angels JAD International School has a co-curricular programme which means that non-academic activities are acknowledged as being just as important as classroom learning. In the Primary School there are more than 5 different clubs available for students in Class 1 to Class 5. Clubs include Drama club, Book club, Debate club, Football club, Choir and many more.

Q Bus service ?

We provide pick up and drop off bus services to our students, Monday to Friday (call the school for further information)

Q What time does your school day begin and what time does it end? ?

The school day begins at 7.00am and ends at 2.00pm for Infant school students, 3.00pm for Primary school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and 2.00pm on Friday.

Q How big are your class sizes ?

Class sizes are restricted to no more than 22 in a class. In the Play Group and Lower Primary Section, each class has a dedicated, qualified teacher and full time teaching assistant. In the Upper Primary Section, form tutors are assigned to each class. Each department also has at least one dedicated full time teaching assistant.

Q Do you wear uniform ?

Every child from Reception Class to Upper Sixth is required to wear uniform. Play Group School boys must come to school in plain white, button-down short sleeve shirts and school grey or navy blue shorts. Girls are required to wear a vertically striped green and white dress (the fabric and pattern can be purchased from the school hardware store). In the Primary School, boys in Forms 1 to 5 are required to wear plain white, button-down short sleeve shirts and black or dark grey trousers or shorts and girls wear a blouse and below-the- knee length skirt or maxi skirt made from the GIS striped green and white fabric. In the Sixth Form, boys wear a sky blue short sleeve shirt with black trousers or shorts and girls wear a white blouse with their striped green and white skirt. There is no uniform for Nursery School students.

Remaining essentially unchanged.

We introduce students to a wide variety of subjects. More often than not, a student connects with certain topics on a deep level. Whether it’s through a research paper or group project, they get opportunities to explore their interests further. Students consider what they want their career to be and develop goals for the future. With support from teachers, any student can see what’s possible and work towards their passions.

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