Teeny Angels JAD Int'l School

Teeny Angels JAD Int'l School is a non-denominational, private, co-ed, day Christian school founded on the three core values of Christ, Community, and Excellence. We cater to a variety of cultures from ages 3 months through to 12 years.

Our school is dedicated to small class sizes and one-on-one teacher interaction. Built on the foundations of our 3 core values Christ, Community, and Excellence we provide holistic learning for the Spirit, Soul, and Body and the practical application of the information taught. The school seeks to encourage students to combine academic ability and intellectual curiosity with critical thinking skills within the context of Biblical principles.

Mission & Vision Statement

At Teeny Angels JAD International School, we groom God-fearing children in a happy, welcoming and safe environment; where our children recieve quality education and develop solid foundation by using a combination of Core Knowledge Curriculum and Direct Instruction for a successful future.

Vision: To establish world class standards through professionalism, where children will;

  • Feel valued as an individual.
  • Be happy, healthy, enthusiastic, confident, with self-esteem and worth.
  • Be independent, curious and creative learners.
  • Be courageous, take risks, challenge themselves and others.
  • Respect themselves and others.
  • Be able to work collaboratively.
  • Have high aspirations, build on their best and excel.

Our Values

We aim to groom learners with enterpriser skills guided by the values of good servent-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing and challenging world.


Intellectual Growth




You need to know that...

We Inspire

We inspire our learners to become Confident, Creative, Innovative Inquirers in a global community.

We Grow

We aim to grow learners in entrepreneurship guided by the values of Christian based servant-leadership for the 21st Century to unlock opportunities, in a changing world.

We Teach

Christian teaching, operating in a well-informed and progressive environment, and developing the individual child.

Remaining essentially unchanged.

We introduce students to a wide variety of subjects. More often than not, a student connects with certain topics on a deep level. Whether it’s through a research paper or group project, they get opportunities to explore their interests further. Students consider what they want their career to be and develop goals for the future. With support from teachers, any student can see what’s possible and work towards their passions.

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